Heart Attack will pull on your Heart strings this Sunday night at the Starlight Bowl!

HEART ATTACK is an authentic tribute to the incredible repertoire of music created by Seattle’s own HEART, featuring Ann & Nancy Wilson.


This affectionate and spot-on re-creation of Heart’s music will take you on a journey through the decades of Heart’s music – from the beginning of the hard-rock hits and memorable beautiful ballads of the 70-‘s that put Heart in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, through the chart-topping hits of the 80’s.

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The Starlight Bowl thanks Gold Sponsor, Burbank Association of REALTORS®

A special thanks to the Burbank Association of REALTORS® for contributing to the 2015 Summer Concert Series!


Led Zepagain is back this Sunday at the Starlight Bowl!

You asked for more Led Zepagain and the Starlight Bowl delivers!
Led Zepagain returns to the Starlight Bowl stage this Sunday, August 2nd.

Did you know?
Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page himself attended a Led Zepagain show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. He was absolutely astonished at the bands accuracy stating “It’s amazing how much you sound like us. You must have grown up on this because you were inside the music, and you paid attention to detail in your presentation…I can tell you guys really love the music!”

See for yourself…

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What a saucy Saturday night at the Starlight Bowl!

Did all of you Starlight Bowl fans dig the Lowrider Band and Scott Martin’s Latin Soul Band last Saturday night?

The crowd was grooving all night and singing along to all the original hits of these two renowned bands!

Check out these great photos from this amazing evening!

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The Lowrider Band is ready to roll out onto the Starlight Bowl stage tomorrow night!

This Saturday night the Lowrider Band will have the Starlight Bowl fans grooving to all their classic summer tunes like “Low Rider,” “The Cisco Kid,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” “Spill the Wine” and “The World is a Ghetto”, just to name a few.

Kicking off the night Scott Martin’s Latin Soul Band will rock your jazz soul with their award-winning music!

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