Rick Springfield Live at Starlight Bowl August 11th!

A video message from Rick Springfield personally inviting you to see him perform at the Starlight Bowl next Saturday night August 11th!

Performing July 29th The Ultimate Billy Joel and Elton John Face To Face Tribute Show and Special Guest Judith Hill

Wasn’t it another awesome show?  Ethan Farmer with his great sounds and to end the evening with The Long Run-Experience the Eagles, they rocked!  Get ready for next week with 2 amazing shows on one night!

Judith Hill


The Long Run- Experience The Eagles is performing Sunday, July 22.

The Fab Four was great!  Did you have a great time?

The Long Run- Experience The Eagles is performing Sunday, July 22.  Tickets are still available at

Think about getting friends and family together at the Starlight Bowl.  Enjoy music under under the stars. Connect on the grass and enjoy your friends with great music!

Gregory Adamson exhibition this Sunday during intermission at the Starlight Bowl!

During intermission this weekend will be a special performance by Gregory Adamson, who is an artist that creates large scale images of famous people choreographed to music. Immediately following this spectacular exhibition his art piece will be auctioned off at the show.  Who Gregory is painting during the intermission on Sunday is a surprise!

BJ’s is the official concessionaire for the Season!

Yummy food and of course, BJ’s beer.

Hot Dogs
Watermelon Feta Salad
Barbeque Chicken Chop Salad
Sesame Chicken Salad
Turkey Sandwich

and for dessert:
Chocolate Spoon Cake
Big Kahuna Bars

Serving our Blonde and Red Beers.  We also have red and white wine!