Only 10 Box Seats available for the 4th of July-Salute to America!

This first week of ticket sales has been phenomenal!  Thank you to the fans and friends of Starlight Bowl.  If you are interested in Box Seats for the 4th of July-Salute to America, please visit the Community Services Building.  We are almost sold out, however, there is not a bad seat in the house!

The Season Box Seats are sold out.

See you there!

Starlight Bowl creates a new logo!

This is the new logo for the 2011 Season.  Isn’t it great?

Can you be “discovered” at the Starlight Bowl?

Annette Funicello, born October 22, 1942, in Utica, New York.  According to the Studio, Walt spotted her in a performance of Swan Lake at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank (just for the record, her dancing teacher insists it was The Nutcracker Suite), and she was given a two week test assignment as a Mouseketeer.  “Black hair, brown eyes. singer,  and dancer.”  Concerned that her last name might be difficult for audiences to remember, Annette considered changing her name to Annette Turner. Walt vetoed the idea, telling her that if she was talented, the name wouldn’t matter. Annette was the last of the original Mouseketeers to be hired, and would remain under contract to the Studio until 1970.

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