Only 10 Box Seats available for the 4th of July-Salute to America!

This first week of ticket sales has been phenomenal!  Thank you to the fans and friends of Starlight Bowl.  If you are interested in Box Seats for the 4th of July-Salute to America, please visit the Community Services Building.  We are almost sold out, however, there is not a bad seat in the house!

The Season Box Seats are sold out.

See you there!

Starlight Bowl creates a new logo!

This is the new logo for the 2011 Season.  Isn’t it great?

An Awesome Concert with The Answer and Bella Donna

Emcee and DJ Bill McBee started the evening off with music, announcements, and thanking our wonderful sponsors!  The Answer rolled into the evening with some great hits from the past.  Lots of different tunes and beats!  They shot out shirts from a hand type cannon into the crowd, who loved catching them!  They also gave out inflatable guitars, balls, and other fun things for the kids, but the adults were loving them too!  A great energetic show!

Intermission is also very exciting.  We give away fun items from the sponsors!  Gary Bric’s Ramp gave a $50 gift certificate, Burbank Water and Power gave a gift bag, Alpha Dogs gave an iPod Shuffle, very cool.  Last, was the infamous jetBlue tickets!  Thanks again to our sponsors! 

Bella Donna came out!  She looked exactly like Stevie Nicks.  She had the outfits, the scarves, the top hat, coat, and the white dress.  Her sound was a perfect tribute to Stevie Nicks!  Bella Donna was phenomenal!

Come out and join us for Colin Hay from “Men at Work”, Sunday July 26!