Spice up your Latin soul this July at the Starlight Bowl!

July 25th the Lowrider Band and Scott Martin’s Latin Soul Band will get saucy on the Starlight Bowl stage!

The Low Rider Band
Lowrider Band
When served an eclectic brew of Latin, R&B, rock and funk on a saucy platter of contemporary jazz and hot Jamaican reggae, what do you get? You get a motley spread of the hottest musical omnibus to morph from recording studios in over a decade: You get the fabulous Lowrider Band.

Since 1962, members of Lowrider Band have compiled a tapestry of quintessential songs and live performances so musically infectious that its moniker traces from Los Angeles to Mexico City and from London to Copenhagen. And the genius of this Southern California troupe is captured in the musical medley of Hispanic, African-American, Asian and mainstream cultures, resulting in monster compositions such as “Slippin into Darkness,” “Low Rider,” “9 to 5 (Ordinary Man),” “All Day Music” and many other chart-toppers.

Not many artists can boast about their Latin Jazz influence and their Soul Jazz leanings like Scott Martin can.
Scott Martin traveled the world, performing, recording, composing and arranging with the Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band, winning a GRAMMY® Award for Best Latin Jazz Performance. He was an influential part of the Poncho Sanchez Band and recorded with Ray Charles, Billy Preston, Sam Moore and many other jazz and soul greats. Scott Martin is exploding on the scene as a leader of his own band, The Latin Soul Band.

Click here for all the July 25th concert details: http://www.starlightbowl.com/portfolio-item/july-25-2015/

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