More on Directions & Parking

The Starlight Bowl is nestled in the Burbank hills – tucked away so well, many long-time locals don’t even know exactly how to get there.

Here’s an interactive map to help out:

View Starlight Bowl Directions & Parking in a larger map

For those new to the Starlight Bowl and the town, you may question the directions a bit – yes, you go through a lot of residential area…just keep going up the hill. There’s signage along Olive Avenue that reassures you that you’re going the right way.

Here’s the quick run-down on parking:

  • Parking opens at 4:30PM each concert night
  • $5.00 per car
  • It’s “stacked” parking – so, once you’re parked, your car is most likely going to be locked in by other cars until 9PM (almost 10PM on July 4th)
  • The entrance is a small walk from the parking lots – open at 5:30PM
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