The Fab Four Were FABULOUS!

Were you there? Did you get to see The Ultimate Tribute to the Beatles perform yesterday at the Starlight Bowl? If not, suffice it to say you may have missed THE concert of the year!  Get ready for the next show this Sunday, Malo and Emilio.

Just a few comments overheard by patrons as they exited the show:

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they WERE THE BEATLES!

I saw the Beatles, twice. Now, though I feel I can say I’ve seen them three times!

Mom, who were the Beatles?

Okay, that last one was from one of our much younger fans. Nonetheless, the show was amazing, and we hope you will be able to tell all your friends about it today when you gather at the water cooler 😉

The Fab Four TOMORROW!

Just to get you warmed up and ready for tomorrow night’s performance by The Fab Four, The Ultimate Tribute, we thought making it easy for you to enjoy some of their multimedia right here from the blog would be fun. And for even more amazing insights into the world-wide phenomenon that is The Fab Four, be sure to check out their official web site at

Media Gallery

Will You Be There? The Fab Four Are SOLD OUT!

You heard it right. If you don’t have a ticket by now to see The Fab Four, The Ultimate Tribute hopefully someone you know or love purchased one for you. As of this posting, all seats are sold out.

The only thing rivaling this hot summer is the HOT SHOWS this season at the Starlight Bowl. We don’t want you to miss out on any of our premium concerts and events. But you know what they say about leading a horse to water.


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But if you are coming to the performance of The Fab Four this Sunday night, be prepared to experience a show that astounds die hard Beatles fans the world round. Amazingly perfect renditions of live concerts, stunning costumes (in fact, there are three changes during the show to best represent all eras of the original super group!)

And you will definitely want to be able to tell your family and friends you got to see them live before they played at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall; exactly where the Beatles came from!

Come out and experience the band that other bands are simply astonished by!

Thank You For Enjoying the Spazmatics and Boogie Knights

This past Saturday night, the Starlight Bowl featured two amazingly fun and entertaining bands, The Spazmatics and Boogie Knights. If you missed their performances you missed an energetic, blast to the (recent) past.

Only Grass Seats Left for The Fab Four This Sunday!

The Fab Four, The Ultimate Tribute tickets are selling fast. For their show this Sunday, July 24th, there are only grass seats available as of this posting. Do you really want to miss out on perhaps the greatest Beatles tribute band ever assembled? Get your tickets now!

Reserved Seating Now Available

Reserved Seating Now Available in Section B Lower!

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